Thinking about which website analytics tools to use for your business?

If you have a plan for your business’s internet marketing but don’t have any way to track its effectiveness, you’re essentially taking shots in the dark to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Website analytics tools are an essential part of a solid web marketing strategy. You need them when you’re setting up your SEO, digital ads, and more. However, for the beginner, it can be hard to know what kind of tools you need, what metrics are worth measuring, and how you can get the most bang for your buck.

This is perfectly understandable. The hundreds of website analytics tools available can be overwhelming, even to seasoned professionals.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the web for the top-performing website analytics and reporting tools in order to make the process significantly easier for you.

Here, we’re rounding up the top 10 best website analytics tools to complement any web marketing strategy.

The Need for Website Analytics Tools

A common mistake for those new to the marketing analytics game is to assume that Google Analytics is all you’ll need in order to craft good marketing plans and to understand your data.

While Google Analytics is an incredible and free tool that offers what seems like limitless information on your performance, it’s also not the most user-friendly tool out there. That’s where website analytics tools come in.

With these web analytics tools, you’re able to make sense of the numbers and data and turn them into relevant insights that can lead you forward in your marketing strategy. Without them, you’re left to figure it all out on your own, which usually requires a specially trained Google Analytics expert.

1. Lemon

What makes this website analytics tool our top choice is the fact that it’s graduated from just web analytics to a business intelligence approach. Unlike most tools that simply report, Lemon eliminates the need for any business intelligence employees. It makes things easier especially for start-ups or small businesses looking to become more efficient.

From e-commerce and marketplaces to blogs, websites, and investor data—Lemon can handle it all and give you relevant insights in real time at the touch of your fingertips.

2. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer, also known as VWO, is a champion of A/B testing, making it much easier than when you’re trying to do it independently. Their easy-to-use platform is user-friendly and visually laid out, which means you don’t have to HTML or coding experience to be able to use it effectively.

Essentially, this website analytics tool allows a company to completely design their own kind of A/B testing, with different kinds of test campaigns and test criteria available to create a custom setup.

While VWO makes A/B testing a thing anyone can do, it still doesn’t offer much as far as analytics reporting goes, which is what most businesses will find important.

3. Segment

Segment refers to themselves as a customer data infrastructure tool. This new area is relatively new, but Segment’s already seen high interest and popularity. What Segment does is essentially route all of your customer data into hundreds of smaller tools that make it more integrated and effective than it would be as raw data. It integrates things like website analytic tools, messaging tools, data warehouse tools, and sends your customer data on the route it needs to go on in order to become the most effective.

While this CDI offering is attractive and pretty comprehensive, it’s still new and may be a bit confusing for a beginner to work their way around.

4.  PaveAI

When using Google Analytics, you have access to an absolute trove of data. This can be used in different ways to better strategize your marketing efforts and get the most out of your customers. However, Google Analytics data can be so massive that it’s hard to know what to do with.

Introducing PaveAI, an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that turns your data into useful, actionable news and insights. It takes your data and essentially uses artificial intelligence to write out small actionable reports that make recommendations based on your past performance.

Caution: if your website has over 100,000 visitors a month, PaveAI is pretty pricey at $179 / month upwards.

5. Pingdom

Pingdom is a great tool to create a more responsive website with better accessibility and performance. This tool constantly monitors websites, servers, and applications with regular checks on uptime and specific page functionality. With the help of Pingdom, you can keep your websites, servers, and apps up and running so that more people can use it and become converted.

Pingdom goes further than just uptime, which is where a lot of tools may stop. Instead, it checks on the speed of page loading and web interactions to zoom in on any error spots and to create a smoother user experience.

Pingdom does little in the analytics reporting space, however. If you’re looking for a tool to monitor your marketing moves and provide insights based on them, you’ll probably need to enlist the help of an additional tool.

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

A good SEO strategy is one that’s controlled and focused on the things that matter rather than one that tries to throw everything at a wall and hope that something will stick. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is just the tool to figure out where to spend your SEO energy on your site.

Screaming Frog essentially crawls throughout your website and looks for how easy it is to crawl through it, links you have per page (both internal and outbound), important keyword elements, and HTTP status codes. With this information, you can then better optimize your SEO by knowing which areas are lacking and which ones are good to go.

7. SEM Rush

Another popular tool on the market, SEMRush acts as a comprehensive tool for someone looking into digital marketing management. With it, you have access to full visibility of your site and its traffic from multiple different channels of communication in order to get a good understanding of their effectiveness.

With the valuable information on engagement that SEMRush offers, marketers are able to position their brands in better SEO ranking and in better ranking within the consciousness of the target audience through other special tactics.

SEMRush does a great job at telling you who your prospects are and what they’re interested in, giving you a valuable opportunity to get a leg up on your competition. With this information, you can then create better content that will lead more customers straight to you.

8. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is another business intelligence platform available to business owners and marketers alike. It allows you to choose, monitor, and enhance the metrics you want to use in order to leverage greater success for your business. Kissmetrics does a great job at taking data and turning it into insights that mean something to you, giving you direction on where to go from there and how to constantly improve.

In addition to improving on your marketing strategy, it also acts as a great conversion rate optimizer due to its customer tracking and capacity for analyzing. Since it combines so many great features, Kissmetrics can be a good option for those looking for an accessible tool that’s still comprehensive in nature.

Kissmetrics mainly focuses on people—customers, leads, and prospects—which can really help a business convert and boost their ROI. However, for those looking for website analytics tools that also consider technology and SEO, Kissmetrics doesn’t have as many of these offerings.

9. Hubspot

Hubspot is a big name in the digital marketing, sales, and management space. While they offer sales tools, marketing, and service products, we’re focusing on their marketing analytics here, specifically.

With their analytics tool, you can measure the performance of each step of your marketing funnel all in a single platform. It features built-in analytics, dashboards with relevant information, and reports that will help steer you forward. HubSpot Analytics measure your marketing funnel and customer behavior as well as site performance, so you can see which of your communication channels are performing at higher levels than others.

One of the biggest assets Hubspot has is an all-inclusive marketing tool, which analytics are just a small part of. You also get things like lead management, email, and social media support. For someone who’s just looking for analytics, however, you can’t isolate Hubspot just for that service, and the whole package comes at quite a steep price tag.

10. HEAP

This user analytics tool, HEAP, take a slightly different approach to capturing user interactions by eliminating the need to wait for data or ship code. With a simple connection to your website, you’re able to monitor all user events such as page views, clicks, gestures, form submissions, and other aspects you may have in place on your site.

HEAP is for the marketer who wants to learn their customer’s behavior on their site in an in-depth way, but it won’t provide recommendations or go too far into traffic sources / demographics etc.

Winner Takes All

If you’re looking for a website analytics tool that makes sense of your Google Analytics data, your best bet is Lemon. Lemon goes beyond just analytics and moves into business intelligence, helping you define and improve areas that need work and supporting areas that are working great.

Try Lemon risk-free with a 14 day free trial today.

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Be the first to get access to Lemon when it launches soon.

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